50th Anniversary Celebration of the Historic American Engineering Record Collection

Historic American Engineering Record (HAER) collection was established in 1969 by the National Park Service, the American Society of Civil Engineers and the Library of Congress. The collection documents historic sites and structures related to engineering and industry focusing less on the building fabric and more on the machinery and processes within.

Five Questions with Christopher Hartten, Archivist in the Music Division

As an archivist in the Music Division, I am fortunate to put my hands on historical documents every day for the purpose of eventually putting them into yours, either by showcasing them in person, sharing them through interactive digital exhibits, or indirectly highlighting them by facilitating the scholarship of other patrons.

Five Questions with Arlene Balkansky, Reference Specialist, Newspaper and Current Periodical Reading Room

Arlene Balkansky loves working with the full range of people visiting Newspaper and Current Periodical reading room, whether on-site or remotely: the teenager working on a National History Day project, the family interested in comic books, the university student, the teacher participating in the Library’s Summer Teacher Institute, the genealogist, the professor, the filmmaker, the author, and more.