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Office Hours for April 21st and 23rd: Primary Source for Science Classrooms and Crowdsourcing the Library of Congress

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Join Library of Congress education specialists every Tuesday and Thursday at 2pm ET for free online Office Hours for education. Each session will include a twenty-minute topical presentation with plenty of time for questions and answers with Library experts.

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This week, we’ll be discussing:

  • April 21: Primary Sources for Science Classrooms
    Learn more about teaching science and technology using the Library’s robust collections. Hear from the Library’s Albert Einstein Teaching Fellow, Amara Alexander,  about her experiences creating teaching resources using Library of Congress primary sources.
  • April 23: Crowdsourcing the Library of Congress
    Join us to hear about virtual volunteering and learning opportunities for students through the Library’s By the People crowdsourcing project ( We’ll demonstrate site functionality and focus on how it can be used in classrooms (virtual and in-person) to build students’ confidence with reading handwriting, parsing primary sources, and analyzing historical context.

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