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“Canned Childhood”: Encouraging Student Understanding of Progressive Era Issues and Reform Strategies Through a Poem Related to Child Labor

Students leave a school building via two front doors.

A Salute and a Look Ahead at the End of the School Year

Rosa Parks’ Writing and Activism: “The Struggle Continues”

A student closely examines an historic print

Keeping Students Engaged with Primary Sources

Items left at the Vietnam Veterans memorial including notes, flowers and a pair of boots.

Exploring Memorial Day Traditions with Primary Sources

A chart showing catagories of animals with drawings of many of those animals.

A.M. Redfield: Uncovering a Female Scientist Who Turned Animal Classification into Art

Political Parties and Primary Sources: Civic Participation

Image of son holding father's hand with the words "His Future is in your hands. Get his school together."

The Great Migration, the Urban League, and Its Role in Supporting the African American Community

Image from the planet Mars with what looks like a curled up tendril in the center

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