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Image of Robert Oppenheimer

Oppenheimer in the News: Newspaper Articles from the 1940s and 50s

Image of a television camera in the House chamber

Audio-Visual Resources for Educators

Images from the Louisiana Purchase and Lewis and Clark Primary Source set

Using Primary Sources to Reveal What’s Missing from the Story

Printed copy of the top of the Constitution

Skim-Swim-Dive: Constitution Day Resources from the Library of Congress

Man reading newspaper

Announcing the 2023 Literacy Awards Winners and Honorees

Welcome Back to Teaching with the Library!

One woman watches as another examines with a magnifying glass an ornate, decorative image on a printed page

“Unleashing the Power of Local History: Inspiring Student Engagement with Library of Congress Primary Sources”

Image of two moving image cameras on a street in Mississippi

Archival Footage for Student Documentaries

Photo shows a crowd of girls waving handkerchiefs and smiling; possibly cheering

Supporting Social-Emotional Learning Activities with “By the People” Transcriptions