Introducing Kellie Taylor, Albert Einstein Distinguished Educator Fellow

Meet Kellie Taylor, an elementary teacher in Emmett, Idaho for the past fourteen years, She taught in the general classroom for first, second, and third grade before teaching engineering to kindergarten through fifth grade students the past six years. She is a Albert Einstein Distinguished Educator Fellow working at the Library of Congress.

50th Anniversary Celebration of the Historic American Engineering Record Collection

Historic American Engineering Record (HAER) collection was established in 1969 by the National Park Service, the American Society of Civil Engineers and the Library of Congress. The collection documents historic sites and structures related to engineering and industry focusing less on the building fabric and more on the machinery and processes within.

Researching Aerial Locomotion – Kites and Alexander Graham Bell

In his quest for knowledge, Alexander Graham Bell meticulously documented his experiments through correspondence and journals. Studying these documents can lead to insights into his processes and approaches to recording his work as well as deeper understanding of particular experiments or inventions.

Empowering Your Students to Identify Problems by Connecting with Inventors from the Past

With the use of the engineering design process in science instruction and the advent of the maker movement, students are asked to identify problems and develop solutions. Solutions can be refined and improved through testing and modifications. The hands-on nature of working through the engineering design process can be engaging, but identifying or finding problems can be a difficult task for students.