Stellar Primary Sources: An Astronomy Day Blog Round-Up

Astronomy Day is April 25, and we at Teaching with the Library of Congress are standing by with a cluster of blog posts featuring primary sources that explore changing ideas of the solar system and what lies beyond it.

Historical documents may be rooted in the past, but they provide a powerful way for the scientists and stargazers of today to familiarize themselves with scientific practices, to observe the ways in which scientific knowledge changes over time, and to honor the legacy of those who have boldly gone before them.

Blog Round-Up: African American History and Primary Sources

Since 1976, February has been designated as a time to pause and reflect on the experiences and contributions of African Americans. Teaching with the Library of Congress has published many posts that show the impact of African Americans in a wide variety of arenas including the arts, sports, literature, and politics, with a particular focus on work to ensure equal rights for all.

Blog Round-Up: Primary Source Sets

Many teachers who read the Teaching with the Library of Congress blog can probably tell a story of finding the perfect primary source at just the right time to ensure a brilliant teaching moment. Unfortunately, teachers more often spend hours painstakingly searching for promising primary sources to fit the curriculum and engage students. Hours, that is, until a Teachers Page Primary Source Set comes to their rescue!

Blog Round-Up: Informational Text for Meeting Your Standards

Like many readers of the Teaching with the Library of Congress blog, we have identified strategies related to the Common Core’s instructional “shift” toward integrating more informational texts into literacy programs. Today’s summer blog round-up pulls together five posts packed with ideas for using informational texts from the Library’s collections.