Multimedia Moment: Audio Recordings from the National Press Club

Founded in 1908, the National Press Club has more than a hundred years of history. The Library of Congress has recently made available recordings from National Press Club talks that span four decades in a presentation “Food for Thought: Presidents, Prime Ministers, and Other National Press Club Luncheon Speakers, 1954-1989.” Bringing pieces of these talks into the classroom allows students to hear a perspective on a particular event and make connections to historical events or events of today.

Multimedia Moment: American Archive of Public Broadcasting

Imagine television and radio broadcasts from the last 70 years covering topics from economics to social issues, from science to politics. You’ll find that resource in the American Archive of Public Broadcasting (AAPB), a collaborative effort between the Library of Congress, WGBH Boston and the Corporation for Public Broadcasting.

Multimedia Moment: Analyzing Film in the Classroom

Viewing a film in class is a commitment of time and technology. Teachers want students to be active viewers, but most are more familiar with passively viewing film and video. How can teachers present film in a way that students are more likely to analyze its content? What aspects of viewing film may be beneficial to consider before analysis?