Primary Sources for the Primary Grades: “Don’t Cry Because It’s Over, Smile Because It Happened.”

I left New Jersey with good wishes, lots of hugs, and a few tears. When I got to Washington, DC, I was welcomed by the Educational Outreach staff of the Library of Congress with a mutual eagerness to collaborate and a personal hope that my contributions could affect educators.

Primary Sources for the Primary Grades: There’s More to Ireland than Shamrocks!

As St. Patrick’s Day approaches, some young students might immerse themselves in the eye-catching images often associated with the holiday in the U.S.: shamrocks, green clothing, and the occasional pot of gold. This is a perfect opportunity to introduce students to a corner of the actual country of Ireland through primary sources.

Primary Sources for the Primary Grades: A Apple Pie

A Apple Pie, created and published in 1900, traces the destiny of an apple pie, using the alphabet and charming illustrations.

This delightful primary source, more than an alphabet recognition book, is superb to use with any grade. Look carefully at every illustration and you will see toys, clothing, and activities that will enhance a student’s understanding of a past time. Each page offers opportunities to create a variety of questions for further investigation.