Primary Sources in the Primary Grades: Introducing Teresa St. Angelo, 2016-17 Library of Congress Teacher in Residence

The Teacher-in-Residence uses Library of Congress resources to create a project that will benefit their hometown or district in the following school year, and I’ll be developing primary source portfolios for teachers in grades K-2. The Library of Congress will be my home for the next year. I am humbled, eager, and honored to serve in this position.

Primary Sources in Science Classrooms: Introducing Trey Smith, 2015-2016 Library of Congress Science Teacher in Residence

I would in no way compare myself to Benjamin Franklin–for a number of very good reasons. However, as a newly minted science Teacher in Residence at the Library of Congress, I recognize that reflecting on Franklin, both as man and myth, might help me make sense of the opportunities ahead.

A Year of Opportunities: Introducing Tom Bober, 2015-2016 Library of Congress Audio-Visual Teacher in Residence

We’re delighted to introduce the Library of Congress 2015-16 Teacher in Residence for audio and visual materials. Since 2000, the Library of Congress has selected an exceptional teacher to advise and collaborate with its educational staff. Tom Bober, a librarian at RM Captain Elementary in Clayton, Missouri, has used primary sources on historical and scientific topics from the Library of Congress to help students construct knowledge.