Introducing Walter Dean Myers – National Ambassador for Young People’s Literature

The Library appoints each Ambassador for a two-year term to travel around the country the importance of fiction and nonfiction in the lives of young people. Dr. Billington stated that the ambassador will be an award-winning author or illustrator whose position will acknowledge—at the national level—the importance of exceptional authors and illustrators in creating the readers of tomorrow.

Share, Save or Connect with the Library of Congress

The Library of Congress is working to make it easier for you to keep up with what’s new at the Library and to share your favorites with others. At the top of many pages of the Library’s Web site is a toolbar allowing you to share links through sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Google, or to email, print or save the file. Look for the icons labeled Print, Subscribe or Share/Save.

A Clean Sweep for the New Year: Exploring a Cartoon from the Turn of the Twentieth Century

Explore a cartoon, published as the front cover of a magazine in January 1905, that draws on the many metaphors about the New Year offering a clean start. Although many of the specific images in the cartoon may be unfamiliar to students, the labels on them offer a clear starting point for researching the context and the details the artist included.

Teaching Language Arts Through Music: Historic Sheet Music and Song Sheets

In the spirit of “Auld Lang Syne,” I searched two of the Library’s online collections, Music for the Nation: American Sheet Music, and, America Singing: Nineteenth-Century Song Sheets, for examples of old American songs relating to the New Year. After winter break, try welcoming 2012 and introducing (or reminding!) students of key language arts concepts using one or more of my New Year’s themed song selections.