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Partner Profile: American Society of Media Photographers

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The American Society of Media Photographers is a trade organization whose members create works primarily for publication. ASMP offers members legal, business and technical information and it advocates for photographers’ legal rights. In 2007, NDIIPP awarded funding to ASMP, which ASMP used to develop a comprehensive digital photography resource online. ASMP titled it Digital Photography Best Practices and Workflow or dpBestflow.

Eugene Mopsik
Eugene Mopsik

Experts and industry leaders contributed to the development of dpBestflow.  Users can research software and hardware products, ways to improve their workflow, copyright issues, best practices for producing and archiving their commercial digital artwork and much more. Information is presented through articles and video tutorials and other resources, including links to books and seminars.

ASMP is now a member of the National Digital Stewardship Alliance. One of their first projects will be to update dbBestflow because a lot has happened in just a few short years. And not just changes in software and workflow practices. ASMP Executive Director Eugene Mopsik points out that, due to advanced technology, the field is experiencing a convergence of still photos and high-definition video in SLR cameras, which means that professional photographers are increasingly expected to double as videographers.

“Clients are looking to maximize their return on investment, so naturally they are interested in a photographer who can do motion as well as stills,” Mopsik said. “Shooters must develop motion skills.” ASMP intends to help them develop those skills by offering best-practice information about videography, information that is equal in quality to the photographic information they already offer. Mopsik said that what is at stake is more than just intellectual curiosity, it’s economic. He said, “Our members rely on their work to maintain an income stream from their intellectual property.”

Mopsik is looking to the NDSA as one source of information about current standards, tools, policies and practices.  “The NDSA affords an extraordinary opportunity to exchange information with educators and practitioners who are on the leading edge of the evolution of data management and preservation,” he said. “ASMP is honored to be a charter member of the NDSA.”

Mopsik was also recently elected to serve on the inaugural NDSA Coordinating Committee.

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