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Digital Preservation News, August 22-26, 2011

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The following is a guest post by Lara Lookabaugh, an intern working with the Digital Preservation Outreach and Education Initiative.

This week’s digital preservation items from around the web:

Videos from the ICE Forum:

Some short vox pop videos created at the JISC International Curation Education (ICE) Forum are now available.

Moonalice plays Palo Alto:

David Rosenthal talks about how HTML5 will make preserving the web more difficult, touches on content and context in digital preservation.

Registration for the Best Practices Exchange 2011 is now open:

BPE 2011 is open to practitioners, educators, researchers, and product developers working to create systems for managing and preserving digital assets. BPE 2011 will be October 20-22 in Lexington, KY.

Accessibility vs. Access: How the rhetoric of “rare” is changing in the age of information abundance:

Maria Popova writes, “Information curators are that necessary cross-pollinator between accessibility and access, between availability and actionability, guiding people to smart, interesting, culturally relevant content that ‘rots away’ in some digital archive, just like its analog versions used to in basement of some library or museum or university.”

IT Lessons learned from hurricanes:

Some disaster preparedness steps to help ensure data and equipment are not lost during a natural disaster.

(From the “better late than never” department – due to technical difficulties, this news post was delayed from the usual Friday time slot.)

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