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New Videos From Archipel Steal the Show

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The digital preservation-related video show, that is.  The set of newly released videos from the Belgian project “Archipel” are the latest digital preservation videos to hit the scene.  The Archipel project is a recent collaboration by organizations in Belgium, to study digitization and digital preservation of cultural heritage materials.

Image from Archipel's "Introduction" video

Even though these videos are basically educational, don’t let that fool you.  In the midst of making the point about the importance of digital preservation, they are also quite creative and highly entertaining.  And complete with a special recurring motif – the figleaf!   Not to mention the accompanying lush and dramatic musical score.  As a matter of fact, the videos are so visually interesting you may have to watch them twice in order to absorb the content. (Not at all a hardship, IMHO.)

The Archipel project team has produced five videos (listed near the top of the page), each focused on issues relating to the creation and management of digital materials, starting with an “overview” video of the project.  The other videos focus on specific areas such as legal research (within the context of Belgian law, but also noting creative commons options),  technical research (the construction of an archive for future sustainability, noting among other things, use of the PREMIS OWL standard) and social impact (the need for more online presence for Flemish performing arts, for example).  There is also a short promotional “Teaser” video available.

Image from Archipel's "technical research" video

Other European colleagues in the digital preservation world have produced videos of a similar high standard.  See this previous blog post in The Signal for information on Digital Preservation Europe and their set of videos.

And speaking of videos, here at the Library we have been producing a steady stream of digital preservation videos, the full list is available here.  There are always others in the pipeline, so check back to that page periodically for updates.  A big picture overview of these and other digital preservation videos is available in a previous post for The Signal, NDIIPP and the Online Video Revolution.

Has anyone else out there produced digital preservation videos?  If so, let us know!

(More information on the “Archipel” project itself will be available in a future post on The Signal.)


Comments (2)

  1. Dear Susan,

    a few ‘teaser’ videos for similar European projects have been made that – as far as I’ve seen – haven’t yet been showcased on the signal. Not all of them comprise the full range of Digital Preservation topics, but certainly relate to the digitisation process and to providing access.

    The Images for the Future project and Europeana share the same creative craftsmen who produced their videos, which can be found at: and at:

    This remix/mash-up video explains how the EUscreen project opens up historical television collections digitally:

    Thanks for your lovely post, with kind regards from across the Atlantic, erwin.

  2. Hi Erwin,
    Those videos you pointed out are very interesting and well produced – thanks for bringing them to our attention! We can certainly feature these and other videos in a future blog post.

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