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Adding to My Reading List: Preserving Email

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Preserving Email: Technology Watch Report

One of the great things about my job is that I’m constantly absorbing new information about the preservation and access to digital content. Whether it be through relevant reports and white papers or scanning blogs and listservs or responding to email or attending meetings, I’m frequently learning about emerging policies and practices in the digital stewardship landscape.  Admittedly, I add more to my reading list than I actually take off of it, but I’m thrilled it is ever-expanding.

This week, I added another report to my list. Preserving Email (PDF)  is the latest “Technology Watch Report” from the Digital Preservation Coalition (DPC).  In it, Chris Prom, Assistant University Archivist at the University of Illinois, examines the technical, legal and cultural challenges of email preservation.  I’ve had a chance to skim through it and I’m looking forward to delving into the practical, recommended actions Prom provides in the report. Hopefully I can check this one off my list very soon.


  1. This covers all the bases and is exactly what I have been trying to explain to my workplace. Very comprehensive and I agree with the importance of saving the content of referenced URL’s in emails especially in circumstance that may require legal action further down the road.

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