Box Out! Taking Digital Preservation Outreach Resources to the Classroom

The Digital Preservation Outreach in a Box resources being compiled by the National Digital Stewardship Alliance Outreach Working group are designed as a gentle introduction to the concepts of preserving digital information. There are a lot of words in that sentence that could use some deconstruction. “Gentle,” for example. Is it possible to “gently” introduce […]

Report Puts the Focus on Independent Film Preservation

Now that this year’s Academy Awards nominations have been announced, ‘tis the “season” for revisiting some of the best movies of the past year.  But in addition to the creating and enjoying of the films themselves, there is another issue which those in the film industry, along with the Library’s digital preservation partners, are researching […]

There are More Tools for Digital Curation Than You Might Think

On January 6, 2012, I had the opportunity to attend CurateGear, an interactive, day-long event focused on digital curation tools and methods held at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. This meeting did many things right. It introduced attendees to the wide spectrum of digital curation activities, from appraisal to ingest to auditing […]