Profile: William Kilbride of the Digital Preservation Coalition

“In my career I have always switched between computing and archaeology and at various points I have tried to escape back into archaeology,” said William Kilbride. Archaeological data management set him on the path to his current position as executive director of the UK-based Digital Preservation Coalition. Helping to establish international digital preservation standards might […]

Digital Preservation: Fighting the Battle for Fleeting Attention

Advertisers and economists talk about a concept known as the value proposition. It refers to what makes a product or service valuable to others. In the context of how preserving institutions communicate, the value proposition bluntly asks:  why should anyone pay attention to what an organization has to say?  When we talk about digital preservation, […]

Data-Intensive Librarians for Data-Intensive Research

The following is a guest post by Chelcie Rowell, 2012 Junior Fellow. A packed house heard Tony Hey and Clifford Lynch present on The Fourth Paradigm: Data-Intensive Research, Digital Scholarship and Implications for Libraries at the 2012 ALA Annual Conference. Jim Gray coined The Fourth Paradigm in 2007 to reflect a movement toward data-intensive science. Adapting […]

Rescuing the Tangible From the Intangible

They’re the red-headed stepchildren of the digital age. They’re neither retro chic (all things being relative, of course) like the server arrays that support “big data,” nor are they as cute as the thumb drives made to look like your favorite Star Wars character (or more oddly, chicken feet). Of what do I speak? The […]