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The Signal Makes the Shortlist for Digital Preservation Award!

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The shortlist for this year’s Digital Preservation Awards has just been announced during a celebration in London marking the 10th anniversary of the Digital Preservation Coalition.  And we are pleased to see that our blog, The Signal, has made the list!  The DPC , an advocacy organization in the United Kingdom, sponsors these awards to recognize organizations and projects, worldwide, for their work in digital preservation.

In the past, there has been just one award winner each time, recognized for outstanding all-around contribution to the field of digital preservation.   This year, the awards are to be given in several different categories.  The Signal is on the list for “Outstanding contribution to teaching and communication in digital preservation in the last two years”.   In addition, the International Internet Preservation Consortium, of which The Library of Congress is a founding member, has been shortlisted for the award category “Outstanding contribution to digital preservation in the last decade”   The DPC will also give an award in a third category, “Outstanding contribution to research and innovation in digital preservation in the last two years”.

The DPC was founded in 2002 with seventeen member organizations, and today there are nearly forty members.  Executive Director William Kilbride was recently profiled in The Signal, and described the organization’s key roles:  “The first is advocacy: raising awareness and contributing to public policy debate within institutions and government. The second is communication: helping with training, clarifying information from researchers, providing reports and fostering access to professional networks.”

The DPC has been instrumental in building awareness for the importance of digital preservation through the years. In describing these awards they say, “The DPC celebrates those people and organisations that have made a significant contribution to ensuring that we can have long term access to digital data.”

Bill LeFurgy, editor of The Signal says: “We are so pleased to be in the running for this hugely prestigious award.  Right now, there are a number of fine efforts underway to communicate and engage with people about the importance of digital preservation, both in terms of helping the broader public understand what’s at stake and teaching people how to do it.  It’s a great credit to members of the NDIIPP communication team, as well as our many guest bloggers, that The Signal has been selected.”

The final award winners are scheduled to be announced on December 3rd.   See this page for more information about the awards, as well as a complete list of past winners.


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  1. Congratulations to all involved!

    • Carol: Thank you very much! We’re quite happy.


  2. Congratulations!
    The Signal consistently provides clear, concise information about digital preservation and provides plenty of links for more in-depth exploration of the topics discussed.
    The nomination is well deserved!

    • Louisa: Thanks! We love to hear feedback like that!


  3. Congrats!

    • Andrew: Thanks!


  4. Congratulations from Holland, 3TU.Datacentrum. Please continue to blog, we all benefit!

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