New Code of Best Practices – Know Your Fair Use Rights!

As we all know, those working in libraries are facing an increasing number of challenges when it comes to digital material.  For one thing, many are struggling with the issue of how to best utilize digital materials while keeping within the boundaries of “fair use.”  Thankfully, there is a new resource available to help sort this […]

Jeff Ubois and Personal Digital Archiving

Jeff Ubois has devoted his career researching, writing about and promoting the preservation of culture. He has been involved with the Bassetti Foundation (whose mission is “…to promote responsibility in innovation”), New York’s PBS affiliate Thirteen/WNET, the Internet Archive, the Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision, various museums, video archives and more. Currently he is […]

You Asked For It: Four Exciting New Viewshare Features

The following is a guest post from Trevor Owens, a Digital Archivist in the Library of Congress Office of Strategic Initiatives. Last week we quietly launched several significant improvements to Viewshare, our free and open platform for cultural heritage organizations to create interfaces to digital collections. There are a ton of major and small additions […]

Insights Interview with Beverly Emmons, Lighting Design Preservation Innovator

The following is a guest post from Barbara Taranto, Digital Program Director at New York Public Library. In this installment of the National Digital Stewardship Alliance Insights interview series, I interview lighting designer Beverly Emmons.  Emmons has designed for Broadway, Off-Broadway, regional theater, dance and opera both in the U.S. and abroad. For more background […]

A Natural Passion for All Things Digital Preservation

The following is a guest post from Heather Bowden, Digital Preservation Outreach and Education Program Specialist in the Library of Congress Office of Strategic Initiatives. On January 3rd, it was my great pleasure to be simultaneously ringing in the New Year and starting my work as the new Digital Preservation Outreach and Education Program Specialist. […]

New Digital Curation Residency Program Launched

Attention library school students and recent graduates!  The Library of Congress recently announced an exciting new residency program in digital curation, in partnership with the Institute of Museum and Library Services .  Program applications will be available later this year. Here is the Library’s press release announcing the program: Library and information science (LIS) professionals […]

Digital Preservation 101—Learning the Theory and Practice of Preserving Bits

The following is a guest blog post by Gloria Gonzalez, a UCLA Library and Information Science graduate student and former NDIIPP Junior Fellow. What exactly is it that we’re aiming to preserve? What is a digital object? My professor, Dr. Jean-François Blanchette, began the second meeting of my digital preservation class with these questions. I […]

Designing Preservable Websites, Redux

The following is a guest post by Nicholas Taylor, Information Technology Specialist for the Repository Development Group at the Library of Congress. As much as we can do to preserve archived websites once we have them, the challenges we encounter are always already determined by how those websites were originally constructed. In the interest of […]

Box Out! Taking Digital Preservation Outreach Resources to the Classroom

The Digital Preservation Outreach in a Box resources being compiled by the National Digital Stewardship Alliance Outreach Working group are designed as a gentle introduction to the concepts of preserving digital information. There are a lot of words in that sentence that could use some deconstruction. “Gentle,” for example. Is it possible to “gently” introduce […]