Help Define Levels for Digital Preservation: Request for Public Comments

Over the last few months a team of librarians, archivists, curators, engineers and other technologists in the NDSA have been working to draft a simple chart to help prioritize digital preservation work. After iteratively developing this document and workshopping it at Digital Preservation 2012 we are excited to publicly share it for comment. Why Define Levels? NDSA […]

The September 2012 Library of Congress Digital Preservation Newsletter is Now Available

The September 2012 Library of Congress Digital Preservation Newsletter is now available. In this issue: *Reflections from CurateCamp Processing: Processing Data/Processing Collections *Final results from the National Digital Stewardship Alliance Storage Survey *Read about the born-digital archives of Jonathan Larson, composer of the musical RENT *The Library of Congress collections = 10 TB of […]

Back to School with Viewshare

This is a guest post from Camille Salas, an intern with the Library of Congress. In addition to the audio, physical, and visual media that students will encounter as they head back to school this fall, some students will use Viewshare* for the first time to explore a variety of new subjects. The Swag Diplomacy: […]

Students Saving Sounds: An Interview with Anthony Cocciolo

The five recipients of the inaugural NDSA awards are exemplars of the creativity, diversity, and collaboration essential to supporting the digital community as it works to preserve and make available digital materials. In an effort to learn more and share the work of the individuals, projects and institutions who won these awards I am excited […]

Digital Preservation Depicted in (Weirdly) Varied Images

We have noted earlier in this blog that digital preservation terminology is hard to pin down with precision. There are seemingly as many interpretations of  “authenticity” and “repository” as there are digital preservation practitioners. Digital preservation as a concept actually has even more plasticity when viewed through the lens of popular culture.  I did a […]

NDSA Primer: the Content Working Group

This is the first in a series of articles that takes a closer look at the National Digital Stewardship Alliance. The National Digital Stewardship Alliance is rooted in the work of the National Digital Information Infrastructure and Preservation Program. The NDSA is open to any organization committed to digital preservation, and each of its diverse […]

Who Do You Want to Be Today?

I lead a group that develops software for the management, preservation and delivery of digital collections.  In some organizations, digital preservation is part of the physical preservation unit.  In some organizations, software development is part of the systems office.  Or software development might be part of a central IT unit. I work with colleagues who […]

Learning to Live With Failures With A Little Help From Redundancy and Diversity

The following is a guest post from Andrea Goethals, digital preservation and repository services manager at the Harvard University library. This post is similar to a presentation I gave as part of a panel called “Assessing and Mitigating Bit-Level Preservation Risks” at DigitalPreservation 2012. It grew out of conversations and work within the NDSA Infrastructure […]