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Computing Cultural Heritage in the Cloud: An Interview with Khadijah Camp

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We are so pleased to introduce Khadijah Camp, who has joined us temporarily from the Library Collections Service Group’s Employee Resources Management & Planning Team. She is working as an Innovation Specialist on the Computing Cultural Heritage in the Cloud (CCHC) initiative.

Khadijah Camp. Khadijah is working on the Computing Cultural Heritage in the Cloud (CCHC) initiative.
Khadijah Camp. Khadijah is working on the Computing Cultural Heritage in the Cloud (CCHC) initiative.

CCHC is supported by a generous grant from the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation. Centered in LC Labs, the project aims to explore how the Library can deliver its digital collections at scale, using a cloud computing environment. For decades, the Library has collected and digitized images, audio and video recordings, websites, texts, and structured metadata. With CCHC, Khadijah is helping us explore the service models and technical infrastructure that would support researchers’ connections with this digital content in novel ways.

I interviewed Khadijah about her background, experience, and interests, and what she’ll be doing to help the Library provide enhanced access to digital collections as data.

Leah: Welcome! We’re so excited you’ve joined the Computing Cultural Heritage in the Cloud team. What is your role with CCHC?

Khadijah: Thanks, Leah I’m excited to be here. I’m serving as an Innovation Specialist and focusing on planning upcoming events.

Leah: Could you tell us a bit about your professional background?

Khadijah: I’ve been with the Library as a permanent staff member since 2003, and join OCIO from the Library Collections Service Group (LCSG)’s Employee Resources Management & Planning (ERMP) team. I previously served as a Senior Specialist in Photoduplication, a Library Technician, and on a 2015 detail with the Deputy Associate Librarian for Library Services Operations. I currently serve as membership coordinator for the Library of Congress Professional Association (LCPA). I also work part-time at a Jewel golf course in Prince George’s County (PGC) as an acting facility manager. I enjoy learning new things, and I’m excited to grow my skills with the LC Labs team & my acting position at the golf course.

Leah: What did you find interesting about this initiative?

Khadijah: Listening and learning from the three researchers speak about their passion for what they do with metadata for cloud computing. I also enjoyed working with a small group of knowledgeable, educated, and well-spoken teammates in LC Labs. I particularly appreciate their passion for getting the task done, sharing ideas, providing guidance, and always being readily available to guide and assist with any assignment that I’m independently working on.

Leah: What have you learned so far working with the CCHC project?

Khadijah: I learned how to navigate through the JIRA sprint board, which is a software that combines developmental tools with agile features to help teams build world class tasks. For example, I’ve managed JIRA tickets for planning events and assignments that are upcoming, providing a description, and creating sub-tickets to reference the JIRA ticket. Using this tool means that we are transparent and can accomplish our work more effectively.

Leah: What are you hoping to learn, or what skills are you hoping to develop, in your work with us here?

Khadijah: The opportunity to continue to learn and adapt new skills is exciting, and I’m hoping I’ll grow at the Library and be ready apply these experiences when the next opportunity becomes available.

Leah: What else are you passionate about?

Khadijah: I’m extremely passionate about helping people when you’re in a position to help. Spreading and showing love to all people: you never know who may smile from it and you may make their day.


  1. Ms. Camp’s resourcefulness in finding new ways to learn and her enthusiasm for professional growth are inspiring. Thanks for publishing this interview: like everyone else who reads it, I’m sure, I wish her all the best!

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