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Archive: January 2023 (2 Posts)

What’s new online at the Library of Congress – January 2023

Posted by: Carlyn Osborn

Interested in learning more about what’s new in the Library of Congress’ digital collections? The Signal shares semi-regular updates of new additions to publicly available digital collections and we love showing off all the hard work of our colleagues from across the Library. Read on for a sample of what’s been added recently and some …

Historic photograph of three men weighing fish at outdoor market

Introducing “Seeing Lost Enclaves” with Innovator in Residence Jeffrey Yoo Warren

Posted by: Jaime Mears

  The following is a guest post by 2023 Innovator in Residence Jeffrey Yoo Warren, an artist and educator who lives in Providence, Rhode Island. Yoo Warren will work with Library of Congress staff and collections to digitally reconstruct Providence’s historic Chinatown using 3D and virtual reality technologies. He will repeat the process for another …