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Archive: June 2023 (7 Posts)

A cabin at dusk with fireflies.

Seeing Lost Enclaves: Atmosphere and Emotional Space in Relational Reconstruction

Posted by: Jaime Mears

The following is a guest post by the Library‚Äôs 2023 Innovator in Residence Jeffrey Yoo Warren (link to press release). As part of his residency, Warren will publish a toolkit to empower communities to create relational reconstructions of destroyed neighborhoods of color using 3D modeling methods and historic photographs. In the following post, Warren discusses …

1912 Photo shows a crowd of girls waving handkerchiefs and smiling; possibly cheering.

Supporting Social-Emotional Learning Activities with “By the People” Transcriptions

Posted by: Carlyn Osborn

Today’s guest post is from Annette Nakshbendi, a Librarian-in-Residence in the Digital Content Management Section at the Library of Congress. How might a Library of Congress digital resource spark classroom discussion that reaches beyond a primary source’s content and context? You may have used the Library’s digital collections to help history “come alive” for students. …

Photograph of Amaobi, wearing a blue plaid shirt, smiling and standing next to a tree with woods in the background.

The Democratization of Knowledge: An Interview with Amaobi Otiji

Posted by: Carlyn Osborn

Today’s blog post is an interview between Andrew Cassidy-Amstutz and Amaobi Otiji, both of the Digital Content Management Section (DCM) here at the Library of Congress. You can read other interviews with DCM staff here. Andrew: Could you tell us a bit about what you do as a Digital Collections Technician in DCM? What do …