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The Signal Homepage

Screen shots of 4 older web pages from government websites.

Nominations sought for the 2024-2025 U.S. Federal Government Domain End of Term Web Archive

Screenshot from introduction page for the Library of Congress' Recommended Formats Statement.

Recommended Formats Statement: Updates for 2024-2025

Hidden Portals Family Day Mask-making Workshop

Screenshot of the "Documenting Accessibility Features" webpage that describes the work that the Formats team did to document Accessibility Feature information in FDDs.

More Formats and More About Formats: New Entries, Format Accessibility Features and Other Updates

Dozens of squares, each with its own individual color or shade, lined up in rows and columns

AI4LAM / Fantastic Futures

In foreground - baby loaf of Tillamook cheddar top form, hoop behind slightly out of focus.

What’s New Online at the Library of Congress: June 2024

Photograph of a group of people seated around a U shaped conference table, with a screen displaying a slide presentation in the center of the photo.

FADGI News: Recap of Recent Projects and Publications

Amanda Lehman, wearing headphones, looks sideways at an owl sculpture outside the Library's John Adams Building

“Agile feels safe to me”: An Interview with Amanda Lehman

An abstract design of dots and the name of the event LC Collections as Data Concluding Computing Cultural Heritage in the Cloud

Computational Approaches to Library of Congress Collections as Data – Concluding the CCHC initiative