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community managers carlyn osborn, lauren algee, and abby shelton, in the great hall at the library of congress

Celebrating 5 Years of By the People

Posted by: Carlyn Osborn

It’s that time again: another By the People anniversary! By the People (BtP), the Library of Congress crowdsourced transcription program, is taking a moment this winter to look back on how we’ve grown and celebrate our 5th year! As we’ve shared in earlier birthday celebrations, BtP was originally incubated in 2018 by the LC Labs team and …

1912 Photo shows a crowd of girls waving handkerchiefs and smiling; possibly cheering.

Supporting Social-Emotional Learning Activities with “By the People” Transcriptions

Posted by: Carlyn Osborn

Today’s guest post is from Annette Nakshbendi, a Librarian-in-Residence in the Digital Content Management Section at the Library of Congress. How might a Library of Congress digital resource spark classroom discussion that reaches beyond a primary source’s content and context? You may have used the Library’s digital collections to help history “come alive” for students. …

Black and white campaign images for Susan B. Anthony Papers and the Elizabeth Cady Stanton Papers.

The crowdsourced transcription lifecycle – from conception to retirement

Posted by: Carlyn Osborn

Today’s guest post is from Lauren Algee, a Senior Collections Specialist in the Digital Content Management Section and a By the People community manager. After years of service from thousands of volunteers, some of the oldest completed By the People crowdsourced transcription campaigns are celebrating their retirement! This week, the By the People team retired 10 …

Dozens of squares, each with its own individual color or shade, lined up in rows and columns

Volunteer Vignette: Student and Teacher team up to transcribe Federal Theatre Project playbills

Posted by: Carlyn Osborn

In today’s post, By the People community manager Abby Shelton interviews two By the People volunteers, Tina and Alexandra, who paired up to transcribe Federal Theatre Project playbills! Tina was a student at the Emma Willard School in 2022 and already a By the People volunteer when she recruited her math teacher, Alexandra, to help transcribe …

Volunteer Vignette: Transcribing Spanish history

Posted by: Carlyn Osborn

In today’s post, Abby Shelton interviews a By the People volunteer, Claude, who has gone above and beyond! By the People is a crowdsourced transcription program launched in 2018 at the Library of Congress. Volunteer-created transcriptions are used to make digitized collections more accessible and discoverable on You can read our other Volunteer Vignettes on the Signal here and here. Abby: What motivates you to …