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Centering Digital Collection Users: An Interview with Lauren Algee

Posted by: Trevor Owens

I’m excited to share this interview with Lauren Algee, one of my colleagues in the Digital Services Directorate here at the Library of Congress. My hope that interviews like this help to spread awareness about the background, experience, and interests of the people that support the Library of Congress. Along with that, I think it’s …

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Making Room in the Crowd: Library Teleworkers Transcribing in Extraordinary Times

Posted by: Trevor Owens

In today’s post, By the People community managers Carlyn Osborn, Lauren Algee, and Abby Shelton reflect back on changes in their program since March 2020. Launched in 2018, By the People is a volunteer engagement and collection enhancement program at the Library of Congress that invites the public to explore and transcribe documents on the …