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Category: digital humanities

Merci Silva-Acosta, 2023 summer intern in the Digital Strategy Directorate.

Opening Doors and Reaching Communities: An Interview with Merci Silva-Acosta

Posted by: Leah Weinryb-Grohsgal

We are happy to share this interview with Merci Silva-Acosta. Merci is serving as a Hispanic Association of Colleges and Universities (HACU) intern with the Digital Strategy Directorate in the summer of 2023. In this interview, we learn a bit about Merci’s interests and work with us at the Library. Hi Merci! It’s great to …

A list of seven principles for adopting machine learning derived from LC Labs experimentation, reports, and user feedback.

Grounding iterative experimentation with LC Labs: CCHC and Machine Learning

Posted by: Meghan Ferriter

Across the last five years, LC Labs experiments have integrated sundry perspectives and disciplines to connect people, practice, and history; from making collections more legible and discoverable through volunteer crowdsourcing efforts with Beyond Words and By the People, to developing frameworks for ethically engaging people when adopting machine learning with Humans in the Loop, to …