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Photograph of a group of people seated around a U shaped conference table, with a screen displaying a slide presentation in the center of the photo.

FADGI News: Recap of Recent Projects and Publications

Posted by: Liz Holdzkom

The Federal Agencies Digital Guidelines Initiative (FADGI) AudioVisual Working Group has returned to a schedule of two hybrid meetings a year, in addition to virtual working subgroup meetings as needed. In the past year, these meetings have include trips to the National Audio-Visual Conservation Center and to the Smithsonian Library and Archives’ new Audiovisual Media Preservation Initiative (AVMPI) digitization and processing space. This working group has also published new guidelines: Guidelines for IRENE System Products for Long Term Retention: Deliverable Packages for Imaged Audio Systems and Guidelines for Embedding Metadata in WebVTT Files. Recent work also included open-source software development and maintenance for BWF MetaEdit, FFmpeg, and vrecord. More exciting projects for 2024 are coming.

Black and white photograph of woman with pin curls operating machinery in Baltimore.

Stayin’ Alive: How Community and Maintenance Support Digital Preservation

Posted by: Carlyn Osborn

Today’s guest post is from Genevieve Havemeyer-King, a Senior Digital Collections Specialist in the Digital Collections Management and Services Division. “Development is maintenance.” Brian Marick, “Agile Manifesto” co-author This year marks the fifth anniversary of the Digital Collections Management Compendium’s public debut on The Digital Collections Management and Services Division officially launched the Compendium …

Graphic of a word cloud that shows keywords for FDDs

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Data Points: Visualizing File Format Data

Posted by: Liz Holdzkom

Technologist Ashley Blewer is using the format description document XML files to gather data across all FDDs. She has pulled this data into data visualization tools which allow us to see what categories our FDDs fall into and how many FDDs are being updated (by category, each year). These visualizations help the formats team to identify issues and streamline internal review and update processes.

Orange graphics related to each of the technical guidelines, with black text listing each of the technical guidelines

FADGI Report on Software Accessibility for Open-Source Digital Preservation Applications

Posted by: Liz Holdzkom

The Federal Agencies Digital Guidelines Initiative (FADGI) AudioVisual Working Group partnered with a consultant and accessibility firm on a project to enhance accessibility in open-source desktop applications for the digital preservation community. This blog post provides information on the applications tested, the issues found, and the technical guidelines and community recommendations to come out of this research.

The Web Archiving Team Answers Questions About the Web Archives

Posted by: Tracee Haupt

Have you ever wondered what exactly is web archiving? How the Library select which websites to preserve? Or how you would find and search the web archives? The Web Archiving Team’s Senior Digital Collection Specialists gathered to answer these questions and more in a live webinar during the Preservation Directorate’s celebration of Preservation Week. If …

Members of the FADGI AudioVisual Working Group pose in a conference room with virtual attendees appearing on the screen behind them.

Getting the Band Back Together: Recap of FADGI Audiovisual Working Group Meeting

Posted by: Tracee Haupt

Today’s guest post is from Kate Murray, Digital Projects Coordinator in Digital Collections Management and Services and Charles Hosale at American Folklife Center, both from the Library of Congress. I have said more than once that ‘FADGI’, pronounced ‘fah-gee’ and short for the Federal Agencies Digital  Guidelines Initiative, is a terrible acronym (Charles quips “Hey, …