Information or Artifact: Digitizing Photographic Negatives and Transparencies, Part 1

The following is a guest post by Carl Fleischhauer, a Digital Initiatives Project Manager in NDIIPP. What does it mean to digitize a photographic negative?  My previous pair of blogs discussed digitizing books (and other textual materials), exploring the ways that the process captures informational and artifactual aspects of the original item.  The short version […]

Information or Artifact: Digitizing a Book, Part 2

The following is a guest post by Carl Fleischhauer, a Digital Initiatives Project Manager in NDIIPP. Yesterday, I blogged about the digital reformatting of historical books and other documents.  I reported that virtually all digitization projects in memory institutions present the information from the pages in the form of a searchable text.  I also noted […]

Digital Archives Day at the Library of Congress

In truth, every day is digital archives day here at the Library. But, in honor of the official Digital Archives Day, I thought it would be useful to mention some of the pertinent resources the Library has or helps support.  There are two basic categories: 1) digital content collections, and 2) information about digital projects […]

Those 1’s and 0’s are Heavier than You Think!

The following is a guest post by Laura Graham, a Digital Media Project Coordinator at the Library of Congress. Bit preservation activities for the Web Archiving team include acquiring content, copying it to multiple storage systems, verifying it, and maintaining information current about the content.  But even these minimal steps, which do not include managing […]

IMLS Grants Relating to Digital Preservation

The following is a guest post by Barrie Howard, Program Management Coordinator, NDIIPP. This post is the second in a short series about U.S. government grant programs that have funded digital preservation since 2000. Readers can discover what the Library of Congress has accomplished through NDIIPP from the program’s website, and my previous post covered […]

The Voyage of “The Library of Congress” Motion Picture

“The Library of Congress,” a 20-minute motion picture from the 1940s, is not only a loving homage to the Library, rich with Hollywood production values, but it is also associated with a few significant nodes in history: World War II, the creation of the Library’s motion picture archives and the population of cyberspace with cultural […]