Web Archive Preservation Planning

The following is a guest post by Nicholas Taylor, Information Technology Specialist for the Repository Development Group. Though presented as a unified experience, a website depends on many interrelated parts: document markup and dynamic code, assorted binary file types, software interpreters and platforms. The challenge of web archive preservation planning is to save this experience, […]

Yes, The Library of Congress Develops Lots of Software Tools

When I meet new people and tell them that I work at the Library of Congress, the first question is usually “What do you do there?”  When I explain that part of my job is to oversee a group that develops software, the reaction is often one of surprise: “What? Libraries develop software?” Yes.  Yes […]

Ask the Recommending Officer: The Civil War Sesquicentennial Web Archive

The following is a guest post by Abbie Grotke,  Web Archiving Team Lead at the Library of Congress. As I’ve written about before, LC takes a selective approach when archiving the web. Selection of sites is not something we automate; Recommending Officers (or, “ROs” in LC lingo), do this work. Recommending materials for addition to […]

How Do You Find Training on Digital Preservation?

The following is a guest post by Barrett Jones, Program Specialist for the Digital Preservation Outreach and Education initiative at the Library. Right now as I type this post, there is a two-hour Introduction to Digital Preservation online course available from the State Library of North Carolina Digital Information Management Program. On July 25th there’s […]

Facing Off with Digital Preservation Policy

The following is a guest post by Kristin Snawder, a 2011 Junior Fellow working with NDIIPP. When I came to the Library I never imagined that my first project would be to face off with the hard issues underlining digital preservation policy development. Policy development was new to me, and the task seemed daunting.  But […]

Whither Digital Video Preservation?

The following is a guest post by Jimi Jones, Audio-Visual Specialist, NDIIPP. A correction was made to this post on July 7, 2011. “What’s the best digital video file format for preservation?” Finding appropriate digital preservation file formats for audiovisual materials is not an easy task.  While much of the recorded sound preservation realm has […]

1000 Years (Give or Take a Few) of Digital Mapping

This is a map. Of course, it’s not just any map. It’s the Universalis Cosmographia Secundum Ptholomaei Traditionem et Americi Vespucii Alioru[m]que Lustrationes from 1507, otherwise known as the Waldseemüller map after its creator, Martin Waldseemüller. It was the first map, printed or manuscript, to depict clearly a separate Western Hemisphere, with the Pacific as […]

The First Decade of Web Archiving at the Library of Congress

The following is a guest post by Abbie Grotke,  Web Archiving Team Lead at the Library of Congress. Eleven years ago, the Library of Congress established a pilot web archiving project to study methods to evaluate, select, collect, catalog, provide access to and preserve at-risk born digital content for future generations. We could write a […]