I Love This Meeting: Preservation Storage, in All its Glory

One of our annual highlights is The Storage Meeting, which brings together digital preservation practitioners and data storage vendors to have an open discussion.  We held this year’s meeting, Designing Storage Architectures for Preservation Collections,  during September 26-27, in Washington DC. Over 100 archivists and librarians, computer scientists, IT professionals and storage vendors participated.  This […]

Simple, Weak, Scalable and Open: Concepts to Live by in Developing New Solutions

The 2011 Annual Summer Meeting of DataCite, brought data lovers from several nations to Berkeley, CA, recently. A celebration of access and preservation ensued, with communal sharing of case studies, best practices and ideas for future work. DataCite is an organization with members from national libraries and other organizations from around the world that are […]

Toward a Library of Virtual Machines: Insights interview with Vasanth Bala and Mahadev Satyanarayanan

The following is a guest post by Trevor Owens, Digital Archivist with the Office of Strategic Initiatives. We are excited to continue our Insights series of interviews, featuring conversations between National Digital Stewardship Alliance Innovation working group members and individuals working on projects related to preservation, access and stewardship of digital information. In this installment, Jane […]

Lessons Learned for Sustainable Open Source Software for Libraries, Archives and Museums

We are excited to share this guest post from MacKenzie Smith, Research Director at the MIT Libraries. At the joint NDIIPP/NDSA meeting this summer MacKenzie gave a talk titled “[email protected]: Lessons learned from 10 years of the Simile Project for building library open source software” in our session on open source tools and communities. The […]

The Library: One Place for Publications and Data

Scientific data management has some buzz going.  As a longtime data archivist/advocate this is a dream come true for me.  I’ve pinched myself a couple of times to make sure it’s really happening. For decades, scientific practice focused attention on the published results of research.  A substantial infrastructure supports this literature, including an article citation […]

B is for Bit Preservation

Continuing the alphabetical series of digital preservation topics. Recently one of our California partners commented on the irony of the earthquakes occurring in Colorado and Maryland, two partner sites in areas not prone to earthquakes.  This practice of keeping  copies  of digital collections in geographically diverse areas is one technique employed for bit preservation. Fortunately […]

NEH Grants Relating to Digital Preservation

The following is a guest post by Barrie Howard, Program Management Coordinator, NDIIPP. In my work at NDIIPP I’ve been looking at U.S. government grant programs that have funded digital preservation since 2000. I discovered that funding has been sourced primarily from the Library of Congress and four other agencies: the Institute of Museum and […]

Full Open Source Release of Recollection Platform

The following is a guest post by Trevor Owens, Digital Archivist with the Office of Strategic Initiatives. We are happy to announce the full open source release of the Recollection software platform. Briefly, Recollection is a web application that enables librarians, archivists, curators, and historians to create dynamic interfaces to cultural heritage collections. If you […]