Multitasking for Digital Preservation News

The following is a guest post by Lara Lookabaugh, an intern working with the Digital Preservation Outreach and Education Initiative. Recently, in one of my library school classes, I was assigned to watch a documentary about how the web affects our ability to learn. One segment tested the efficiency of self-proclaimed “multitaskers,” who often performed […]

I Can Haz Standardz: What Standards Should be in the Digital Preservation Toolbox?

The following is a guest post by Jimi Jones, Audiovisual Specialist, and Carla Miller, Administrative Specialist, at the Library of Congress. The NDSA Standards and Best Practices Working Group is working on a digital preservation standards survey that has the following objectives: • Identify and describe existing digital preservation standards and best practices • Identify […]

Digital Preservation’s Got Talent: Awarding Innovation and Accomplishment

The following is a guest post by Trevor Owens, Digital Archivist with the Office of Strategic Initiatives. How can the digital stewardship community do more to recognize and encourage innovation in the field? That was the central question posed to the participants of And the Winner Is…, a workshop hosted by the National Digital Stewardship […]

The Remains of the Day—Thoughts from the NDIIPP/NDSA 2011 Meeting

After spending the span of three days with 200 people committed to saving digital information, I was impressed with  some of the recurring themes in the presentations and conversations. Two main bits  of advice remain with me.  Digital content must be used to be preserved.  Extending the usable life of digital content is the main goal of […]

The “End of Term” Was Only the Beginning

The following is a guest post by Laura Graham, a Digital Media Project Coordinator at the Library. In late 2008, the Library of Congress, the California Digital Library, the University of North Texas, the Internet Archive and the Government Printing Office began the first collaborative project to capture and archive United States government web sites […]

Tending the Machines

The computers that store and serve our digital collections are multiplying rapidly to keep up with our escalating data demands. All the while the servers guzzle power, radiate heat, crowd bandwidth and exert an unprecedented burden on the power grid. During these tough economic times, as institutions scrutinize their operations for budget-trimming opportunities, they must […]

2011 NDIIPP/NDSA Partners Meeting: It Worked!

Our 2011 partners meeting concluded yesterday.  The theme was “Make it Work: Improvisations on the Stewardship of Digital Information,” and all the various pieces seemed to come together nicely in this, our sixth year of partners meetings. Truth be told, there was anxiety floating around the office as we planned the meeting.  Figurative–and sometimes literal–white […]