Putting Out a Daily Paper Was Never a Linear Process

The following is a guest post by Carl Fleischhauer,  Project Coordinator, Office of Strategic Initiatives. Like many others, I have been fascinated to watch the production of newspapers–as depicted in the movies like The Front Page or All the President’s Men.  To be sure, these tales were enlivened by plot elements like exposing Watergate and […]

Turning the Clock Forward

The diaries of George Washington, the first map that used the name “America,” jazz recordings from the 1920s, pictures from presidential inaugurations—the Library of Congress has a very diverse collection of documents, recordings, pictures and maps that help us understand the story of our nation. Most discussions of saving cultural heritage information involve looking into […]

Demand Side Economics and Digital Preservation

Economic sustainability is a key issue for digital preservation. In the 2002 report, Preserving Our Digital Heritage: Plan for the National Digital Information Infrastructure and Preservation Program, the Library of Congress noted that preserving digital content required nontrivial resources.  The report also said that forecasting future needs relating to digital preservation was difficult, and “there […]

A Meeting of the Minds for UDFR

There is a new collaboration under way, which is community driven, international in scope, and will be an invaluable resource for the entire digital library community.  The “Unified Digital Formats Registry” is a project with the ambitious goal of providing online access and open information sharing for the entire range of digital format information. A […]

IT, Data and Hockey: What Do They Have in Common?

The following is a guest post by Erin Engle, Digital Archivist, NDIIPP. What do you get when you fill a room full of people interested in social sciences and technology? Oh – and DATA! Lots of data! Discussions about data, examples of data, uses of data. You get the annual IASSIST Conference!  The organization has […]

Insights: Interview with David Rosenthal

The following is a guest post by Trevor Owens, Digital Archivist, NDIIPP. I’m excited to launch a new series, Insights, for The Signal. Insights will feature interviews and conversations between National Digital Stewardship Alliance Innovation working group members and individuals working on projects related to preservation, access and stewardship of digital information. We are thrilled […]

Preserving Digital Public Television

A couple of years ago I picked up a reissue of a 1970 record by a band called Stark Reality. Their lone record is a funky jazz re-working of Hoagy Carmichael compositions for a children’s public television program: highly idiosyncratic but pleasingly unusual. Turns out that in addition to their album they composed the theme […]