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two people using the Stacks terminal in the science & business reading room at the library of congress

What’s new online at the Library of Congress – November 2023

Jump in! An Interview with Thomas Crowley

Slide titled planning phases containing three blue rectangles side by side. The first reads understand and depicts a lighbulb icon. The middle rectangle reads Experiment and depicts a cycle icon. The third reads Implement and depicts a pyramid underneath which are icons of a building with pillars, magnifying glass, people, and a clipboard. At the bottom is a long rectangle reading Governance and Policy.

Introducing the LC Labs Artificial Intelligence Planning Framework

Why Experiment: Machine Learning at the Library of Congress  

Dozens of squares, each with its own individual color or shade, lined up in rows and columns

Strategic Plan 2.0: A Digitally-Infused Five-Year Plan

Cartoon illustration of event from above, participant wearing mask, people eating at a table, a person looking at a projection inside tent.

Tigers & Portals: Seeing Lost Enclaves Community Memory Event

Dark chinatown street, warmly lit, with vertical Library logo and seeing lost enclaves handwritten

Relational Reconstruction Toolkit Now Available

Black and white duck boat schematic from 1942

What’s new online at the Library of Congress – September 2023

Grace Bicho, Lauren Baker, and Abbie Grotke posing for a photo in an auditorium

Reflections on the 2023 Web Archiving Conference