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The Signal Homepage

Orange graphics related to each of the technical guidelines, with black text listing each of the technical guidelines

FADGI Report on Software Accessibility for Open-Source Digital Preservation Applications

Happy New Year handwritten excerpt from item in Charles William Le Gendre Papers

What’s New Online at the Library of Congress: 2023 Wrap-Up!

community managers carlyn osborn, lauren algee, and abby shelton, in the great hall at the library of congress

Celebrating 5 Years of By the People

Dozens of squares, each with its own individual color or shade, lined up in rows and columns

Growing the File Format Fam

Leave the Library a Little Better Than You Found It: An Interview with Grace Bicho

Screenshot from FFV1/MKV test file, with timecode and caption indicating material produced by the Library of Congress.

Embracing FFV1 in Matroska Container as a “Preferred Format” in the RFS

two people using the Stacks terminal in the science & business reading room at the library of congress

What’s new online at the Library of Congress – November 2023

Jump in! An Interview with Thomas Crowley

Slide titled planning phases containing three blue rectangles side by side. The first reads understand and depicts a lighbulb icon. The middle rectangle reads Experiment and depicts a cycle icon. The third reads Implement and depicts a pyramid underneath which are icons of a building with pillars, magnifying glass, people, and a clipboard. At the bottom is a long rectangle reading Governance and Policy.

Introducing the LC Labs Artificial Intelligence Planning Framework