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Discussing Library of Congress API documentation with Laura Wrubel and Patrick Rourke

screen displaying a green covered wagon

Help the Library of Congress Create Video Games that Improve Public Knowledge of Civics

screen capture of as it appeared in the year 2000

Library of Congress on the Web: from early innovation to well-documented public API

white outline of a person inside a black circle

New FADGI Project: Researching Accessibility in Open-Source Digital Preservation Applications

What’s new online at the Library of Congress – May 2023

Members of the FADGI AudioVisual Working Group pose in a conference room with virtual attendees appearing on the screen behind them.

Getting the Band Back Together: Recap of FADGI Audiovisual Working Group Meeting

Black and white campaign images for Susan B. Anthony Papers and the Elizabeth Cady Stanton Papers.

The crowdsourced transcription lifecycle – from conception to retirement

Post-processing a manuscript in the Library’s Digital Scan Center, which conforms to FADGI guidance.”

3rd Edition of FADGI Still Image Digitization Guidelines Finalized

Wide black and white photo of a long slope richly covered in crops and gardens, wooded hills in the background, with small wooden buildings clustered on the hillside. Large homes sit atop the hill in the distance, while a footbridge crosses the creek below.

Relational Reconstruction of the Portland Chinese Vegetable Gardens