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Five Questions with Ryan Reft, Historian, Manuscript Division

One of the great things about my job is that the work changes on a daily basis. At the risk of over-simplifying: I oversee Manuscript Division collections that relate to domestic policy, which includes congressional papers, certain cabinet officials, non-government organizations, journalists, Supreme Court Justices and Federal Court Judges, and our LGBTQ collections.

World War I: The Battle of Belleau Wood

This is a guest post by Ryan Reft, a historian in the Manuscript Division. “The place: a wine vault, somewhere in hell – torn, blood streaked, shell plowed France.” – Joel T. Boone, June 28, 1918 By the time he wrote those words to his wife, Joel T. Boone, a Navy doctor assigned to the […]

World War I: The Women’s Land Army

This is a guest post by Ryan Reft, a historian in the Manuscript Division, in honor of Women’s History Month. “The man with the hoe is gone. Six hundred thousand of him left the fields of America last year,” observed the Los Angeles Times in April 1918. Hundreds of thousands more would follow as a […]

'Nevertheless, She Persisted' : Saluting Military Healers

In honor of Women’s History Month, a time to celebrate historic women’s achievements, the Veterans History Project (VHP) presents a six-part series of blog posts highlighting the many amazing accomplishments of the women who bravely volunteered for our Armed Services. The following is the fifth post in this series. This year’s National Women’s History Month theme […]