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Of Butterflies and Other Things: Natalie Merchant Visits the Harned-Whitman Papers in the Manuscript Division

Laureate Lands on Jeopardy! Come See the Launch of Her Space Poem!

Meg Medina Sets Off on National Ambassador Tour

No Extra Words: The Emotional Punch of Novels in Verse

Historic News About Our Laureate

How Do You Hold the Memory of a Cherry Blossom in Your Hand?

Introducing Lit Bits: Colson Whitehead, winner of 2020 Library of Congress Prize for American Literature

Celebrating Joy

2023 National Book Festival

Save the Date! Join Us at the 2023 National Book Festival on August 12

Joni Mitchell is onstage at a clear podium. spreading her arms and smiling. Librarian of Congress Dr. Carla Hayden, in red jacket, claps for her. The Gershwin Medal is visible in the backdroup.

The Laureate and National Ambassador on Joni Mitchell, Winner of the Gershwin Prize