“How do you go about finding the heart?”: Aracelis Girmay on Poetry, Discovery, and Grief

This interview with poet Aracelis Girmay was conducted in 2012 by (then-intern, now National Book Award winning writer) Elizabeth Acevedo as part of the Poetry and Literature Center’s online Interview Series. The series featured emerging and established literary writers in dynamic and thought-provoking conversation. Though the series is no longer active, From the Catbird Seat is reprinting these interviews to bring them new light.

National Ambassador for Young People’s Literature Research Guides: Literacy and Education for the Next Generation of Readers

This summer, Junior Fellow Mal Haselberger researched, developed, and published online research guides for all emeritus National Ambassadors for Young People’s Literature. In the process of creating the guides, she learned firsthand the importance of making details about the ambassadors’ work and outreach programs more accessible to the public.

Reflecting on James Baldwin and His Celebration of Youth

August 2 would have been the 96th birthday of James Baldwin, a literary icon widely known for his compelling, powerful writing, social advocacy, and civil rights activism. With the ongoing conversations about race and racism in the United States, Baldwin’s words have been echoed and analyzed and remain relevant for adults and teens alike.