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AUTHOR: Claudia Morales

Claudia Morales joined the Music Division of Library of Congress as a Music Specialist and Concert Producer in 2019 after serving as the Executive Director of the Youth Orchestras of Prince Williams for four years. There she worked with music educators, administrators, and government officials, shaping the direction and reach of the organization and the youth music scene in the region. Earlier, Mrs. Morales served as the Managing Director of the Arlington Choraliers in Arlington, Virginia. Previously, Mrs. Morales served as Theater Manager at GW’s Lisner Auditorium, presenting talent from around the globe. In parallel, Morales served as a Concert Consultant for the Meyer Auditorium at the Freer Sackler Gallery for a decade. Mrs. Morales holds a Bachelor of Arts in Theater from the Catholic University of Lima, Peru, and a Master of Arts in Arts Management from George Mason University. When she is not working at the Library, she enjoys being an active mother of two energetic children, Mayu and Nayra, and a furry child, Luna.

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