Hungarian Jazz Showcase Panel

Photo by Lena Adasheva.

Photo by Lena Adasheva.

I was recently invited by the Palace of Arts in Budapest to moderate a panel discussion during their Hungarian Jazz Showcase. The audience was a mix of music students and faculty from the Liszt Academy, as well as professional musicians and enthusiasts who wanted to participate. My fellow panelists included a record producer, music journalist and two academics, as well as a club owner and musician from Bratislava. The panel discussion focused on how political, economic and cultural changes have impacted opportunities for young musicians and how they document their work. We also discussed various options for touring and performing, how new tools and social networking help in promotions, distribution, airplay and media coverage, as well as resources, subsidies and funding. We received some very interesting questions from the audience. It was recorded and will be reviewed for two Russian publications: Billboard Russia and

Photo by Lena Adasheva.

Photo by Lena Adasheva.

Tooting our own Kazoo

The following is a guest post by Julianne Mangin, Library Services. National Kazoo Day, recognized on January 28th, celebrates what is perhaps the most accessible of all musical instruments, the kazoo.  If you can hum a tune, you can play a kazoo, which takes your voice and changes its timbre to give it a comically […]

Happy Birthday Mozart!

From Dolly Parton to Django Reinhardt to Robert Burns, the strange bedfellows whose birthdays we have celebrated this past week demonstrate the breadth of the Music Division’s collections.  Today’s guest of honor is none other than Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, born on this day in 1756. The Performing Arts Encyclopedia features a number of  the maestro’s […]

Our Distinguished Visitors

Reference Specialist Larry Appelbaum has helped welcome a diverse array of musical luminaries to the Music Division.  Here are just a few. Herbie Hancock, upon receiving his Living Legends award. Dave Brubeck’s 2003 performance in the Library’s Coolidge Auditorium can be heard here. Larry recently interviewed Mr. Brubeck and his wife and lyricist Iola Brubeck. […]

Music to eat Haggis by

The following is a guest post by Elizabeth Fulford  Miller, Library Services, with an h/t to Stephen Winick of the American Folklife Center. Scotland’s national “bard” was born on January 25, 1759, and all around the world “Burns suppers” – complete with bagpipes, a special Scottish dish called “haggis,” poetry and song – will be […]

Happy Birthday Django!

There are but a handful of musicians whose innovations changed the way their instrument is played.  Among these is guitarist Django Reinhardt, born January 23rd, 1910. Let us remember his centenary with this photo by William P. Gottlieb (whose birthday is January 28th). Listen to Gottlieb talk about Django and this photo session here.

Music and the Brain that Wouldn’t Die!

Now that I have your attention: tonight in the Whittall Pavilion, adjacent to the Coolidge Auditorium in the Library’s Jefferson Building, the Music Division resumes its popular lecture series Music and the Brain . These pre-concert presentations offer lectures, conversations and symposia about the explosion of new research at the intersection of cognitive neuroscience and […]

The Big Beat

The photographs of  William P. Gottlieb (1917-2006 ) are a priceless document of the jazz era in the ’30’s and ’40’s.  In the Muse will occasionally highlight selections from this collection. Today we celebrate the birthdays of two legendary jazz drummers. When the Music Division prepared the Gottlieb collection for digitization in the ’90’s, Gottlieb worked […]