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Archive: March 2013 (4 Posts)

Smiling woman dressed in outdoor winter clothes holds a large, old-style camera

Caught Our Eyes: A Giant Bat Roost?

Posted by: Barbara Orbach Natanson

This photo caught many eyes when we shared it in the Library of Congress Flickr account. What crossed my mind on first glimpsing the man standing under the “Municipal Bat Roost” sign was, “Is this some sort of faked (composite) photo? Could the structure possibly be that large?” Flickr members immediately started supplying some context …

Ann Rosener, Documenting the Home Front

Posted by: Jeff Bridgers

A new biographical essay about photographer Ann Rosener (1914-2012) sheds light on her wartime work as she focused on the contributions of women workers and other aspects of the World War II home front. In the early 1940s Rosener documented preparations for war and home front activities for the Farm Security Administration (FSA) by contributing …