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Archive: February 2024 (4 Posts)

Image shows cased daguerreotype. Red velvet visible on inside of case, and portrait of Christiana Williams Freeman visible in image on right side, inside gold frame.

Ready for Research: Three Photography Archives

Posted by: Melissa Lindberg

The following is a guest post by Helena Zinkham, Chief, Prints & Photographs Division. The extensive photography archives of Ralph Ellison, Robert McNeill, and Bob Adelman are now ready for your attention! We also offer you a new and detailed finding aid to the Tobacco Cards from the Benjamin K. Edwards Collection and more rights-free …

Material Matters | Considering the Tintype

Posted by: Kate Fogle

In this age of born-digital photography, the tintype is a curiosity for many. A photograph on metal may seem lightyears away from the bits and bytes that make up a contemporary digital image. But in its time, the tintype—a version of the wet collodion process—allowed photographs to be produced efficiently and in a matter of …

The West and Midwest: Newly Added Photos from Carol M. Highsmith

Posted by: Kristi Finefield

Contemporary photographer Carol M. Highsmith’s decades-long project to document the entire United States sent her touring the Midwest and West during the last few years. Some of the states Highsmith photographed are: Idaho, Montana, Nevada, Utah, Nebraska, and both North and South Dakota. Thousands of those photos are now available in the Prints & Photographs …