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Archive: September 2022 (4 Posts)

Smiling woman dressed in outdoor winter clothes holds a large, old-style camera

Mapping Anthony Angel’s Photographs of Manhattan

Posted by: Melissa Lindberg

Photographer Angelo Antonio Rizzuto – or Anthony Angel, as he called himself –  captured a variety of people, structures, and places in Manhattan over the eighteen-year period from 1949 through 1967. Collectively, the thousands of images by Angel in the Prints & Photographs Division offer a window into life and the built environment in a …

Lend U.S. Your Eyes

Posted by: Kristi Finefield

“Will you supply eyes for the Navy?”  The arresting image of a blindfolded officer at sea, lost and confused, paired with that question, make this an effective poster – the image caught my attention and made me look and read further. This World War I poster is calling for help from the general population in …

Smiling woman dressed in outdoor winter clothes holds a large, old-style camera

The Art of the Book

Posted by: Kristi Finefield

Join curators Adam Silvia and Sara Duke as they highlight photographically illustrated books as well as graphic illustrations for books in the Prints & Photographs Division collections in two upcoming virtual presentations. Read on for a preview of some of the images and volumes they will share. Photographically illustrated books, some dating all the way …

Signs, Signs, Everywhere a Sign

Posted by: Jan Grenci

My latest Flickr album features photographs of signs from across the United States taken by Carol M. Highsmith from the late 20th century to the present day. In this blog post I’d like to focus on some older photos of signs taken for the Farm Security Administration in the late 1930s and early 1940s by …