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Archive: July 2023 (4 Posts)

Three people stand talking by tables covered with art prints.

Pluralist Printmaking: The In Unison Portfolio

Posted by: Kristi Finefield

The famously democratic art of printmaking is a perfect medium for experimentation and innovation, creative collaborations, and the fluid sharing of ideas among artists and audiences. All of these qualities shine brightly in the artist print portfolio called: In Unison: 20 Washington, DC Artists. This post celebrates the recent acquisition of this portfolio, published by the Millennium Arts Salon in 2010-2011.

Building Access to the Paul Marvin Rudolph Archive

Posted by: Melissa Lindberg

Paul Rudolph was one of the most significant American architects of the 20th century, best known for his modern, brutalist designs. This interview describes the experiences of two Library of Congress Junior Fellows, Rob Johnson and Carter Jackson, both currently working in the Prints & Photographs Division to contribute to the future processing of the Paul Marvin Rudolph archive.

Seeing Double

Posted by: Jan Grenci

My latest Flickr album puts forth a small group of multiple exposure photographs from the Farm Security Administration (FSA) Collection. To create a double or multiple exposure, a photographer using an analog camera shoots an initial exposure and then, either on purpose or by accident, continues shooting further exposures on the same frame or sheet …

Seeing the Season: Scenes from Summer Camp

Posted by: Melissa Lindberg

The following is a guest post by Kate Fogle, Assistant Curator of Photography, Prints & Photographs Division. The solstice has come and gone, and summer has invariably set in. While the temperature is cool in the Prints & Photographs (P&P) Division’s storage spaces —to safeguard our materials from the ravages of heat and humidity—a selection …