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AUTHOR: Aaron D. Chaletzky

Aaron D. Chaletzky was the head of the Reformatting Projects Section (RPS) in the Preservation Services Division. The Reformatting Projects Section creates digital objects, both internally and through contract, of at-risk materials from the General Collections and International Collections. RPS’s work includes: Brittle Book, Foreign Newspaper and Microfilm digitization and Tangible Media capture and Forensics. Aaron is responsible for supervising the team of digital conversion specialists and technicians who perform this work, and is also responsible for developing workflow, equipment acquisitions, and contract administration. Previously, Aaron served as a Program Specialist in the Office of the Associate Librarian for Library Services and was responsible for Strategic Planning. Aaron also served as operations manager for the Internet Archive/Mass Digitization program of General Collections materials for Library Services. He was responsible for FedScan operations, the HathiTrust digital repository, print-on-demand, and the remote storage initiative with the National Archives. Aaron’s prior work for Library Services includes a mass-digitization pilot with Google, Inc. (Google Books) and several American Memory projects. Aaron has been with the Library of Congress since October 2002.

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