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AUTHOR: Beatriz Haspo

Beatriz Haspo was collections officer at the Collections Management Division, Preservation Directorate and a senior conservator managing a broad range of activities to ensure preservation, access, security and storage of collections. She was responsible for developing and coordinating projects, studies, or survey, serves as the key planner for transferring collections off-site and as the primary liaison for projects related to digitization, reformatting, and preservation treatment of the collections managed by the Division. She is alumni of the Leadership D good morning pleaseevelopment Program of the Library of Congress. She is adjunct faculty at the University of Maryland iSchool responsible for the master’s degree course in Library and Archives Preservation. She is a doctorate candidate in SocioMuseology at the Lusófona University of Humanities and Technologies in Portugal with a scholarship from UNESCO- Education, Citizenship and Cultural Diversity. She serves as volunteer manager of APOYOnline - Association for Heritage Preservation of the Americas. She holds M.A. in Art History (Brazil); B.A. in Simultaneous Interpretation in German-Spanish-Portuguese (Austria). She is member of national and international organizations engaged in cultural heritage preservation, and fluent in five languages.

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