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Clipping of a color image of a tree and persons underneath holding arms.

Famous American Trees

Front page of the newspaper the New Hampshire Gazette and historical chronicle dated October 31, 1765 with black mourning bars surrounding the text in recognition of the enactment of the Stamp Tax.

Exploring New Hampshire Newspapers in Chronicling America

Dune’s Shai-Hulud and Other Sandworms

A black, white and grey photo of a classroom. On the right side the teacher sits in front of a chalkboard. On the left of the image the class sits studying globes.

Eclipsed No More: Women Astronomers You Should Know

Clipping of a newpaper caricature of four individuals jumping over a calendar with visible text leap year.

Leap Day in the Press

Three mastheads and headlines from the front pages of The Echo, The Daily Bulletin, and the Omaha Guide.

Mary McLeod Bethune: Newspapers and Comic Books

How Tragedy Led to Love for John Tyler and Julia Gardiner

A cartoon image of Joseph Pulitzer and William Randolph Hearst dressed as the Yellow Kid both pushing against large letter blocks that spell out War.

The Spanish American War and the Yellow Press

Truman Capote, half-length portrait, facing front, holding hands with Katharine Graham at the masked ball Black and White Ball.Capote wears a tuxedo and holds hands with Katharine Graham, who is wearing a white dress and a masquerade mask.

Capote & The Swans Make Headlines