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A child carrying a bundle of newspapers in one hand, the other arm held high with a copy of the Anchorage Daily Times, the headline reading

Good Luck in the New Year

Posted by: Malea Walker

Do you know how to bring yourself good luck in the New Year? From saying "rabbits" to walking backwards up stairs, these tips from our historic newspapers will tell you what to do, what to say, what to eat, and even what to wear to bring yourself good fortune in the New Year.

An International Christmas Quiz

Posted by: Heather Thomas

Merry Christmas, Joyeux Noël, Sheng Dan Kuai Le, ¡Feliz Navidad! Christmas celebrations take place around the world and can vary greatly from country to country with traditions that reflect differing cultural history and national customs. Test your knowledge and learn more about how this holiday is celebrated around the globe!