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Dr. Charles R. Drew: Blood Bank Pioneer

Posted by: Heather Thomas

The amount of people who owe their lives to Dr. Charles R. Drew is beyond measure.  The African American physician and surgeon pioneered the preservation of blood and plasma at the start of World War II and remained a leading authority on the subject for the rest of his career.  He is responsible for America's first major blood banks and introduced the use of mobile blood donation and transport stations—later known as “bloodmobiles.”

A child carrying a bundle of newspapers in one hand, the other arm held high with a copy of the Anchorage Daily Times, the headline reading

The Hobby Boom of the 1950s

Posted by: Malea Walker

The great hobby boom that took place in the 1950s was filled with model planes, trains, boats, and other pastimes that you might not have thought of. From puppet making to butterfly collecting, the young and the old alike were eager to show off their new skills.