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Excerpt from a newspaper showing a large bold headline reading: Tulsa's Terrible Tale is Told. Below the headline are three small photographs showing damage to Tulsa and nurses who volunteered to help.

Tulsa Race Massacre: Newspaper Complicity and Coverage

Posted by: Malea Walker

The following is a guest post by¬†Arlene Balkansky. Arlene recently retired from being a librarian in the Newspaper and Current Periodical Reading Room, and was a regular writer for Headlines and Heroes. One hundred years ago, Greenwood, a prosperous Black neighborhood in Tulsa, Oklahoma, described as Black Wall Street, was destroyed by white mobs in …

Before Brown v. Board of Education, There was Tape v. Hurley

Posted by: Heather Thomas

Tape v. Hurley (1885) is one the most important civil rights decisions that you've likely never heard of. The parents of American-born Mamie Tape successfully challenged a principal's refusal to enroll their daughter and other children of Chinese heritage into the Spring Valley Primary School in San Francisco, California, seven decades before the landmark U.S. Supreme Court case Brown v. Board of Education.