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Photograph of Manuscript Reading Room intern Lindsay Musil reading a manuscript.

Five Questions for Manuscript Division Intern Lindsay Musil

Say Yes to (Born-Digital) Access! New Online Resource Guide: Accessing Born-Digital Manuscript Material

sepia tone head and shoulders portraits of two women

“Nothing that you do…can fail to interest me”: Elizabeth Blackwell and Florence Nightingale Exchange Ideas on Women in Medicine

Image of young boy in a green collared shirt pointing at a woman with red eyes wearing a blue head scarf.

Of Note: Reducing the Spread

Close-up of the corner of a manuscript page written in black ink.

Grief and the Embossing Device: Anna Freud’s Dreams for Her Father’s Legacy

Oval showing faces of several dozen women, with names printed below

Temperance and Suffrage Movement Collections Connections

Crooked book cover on left with author headshot on right

Made at the Library: Scandal and Intrigue in 1920s America, Crooked with Nathan Masters

Reintroducing the Foreign Copying Program Records

Three pages of a blue identification card with head and shoulders photograph of Frieda Fromm-Reichmann fastened to upper left corner.

Of Note: Frieda Fromm-Reichmann’s Carte d’Identité